About Us

Inspiration arrives when we observe the surroundings, small details, and colorfulness that surround us.

I am a designer and photographer who live and work in Tel Aviv, Israel.

The beach is an important part of the city, therefore, beach and swimwear are naturally combined into our urban fashion. 

"HELLOSUNSHINE" was born out of the love for fashion and the desire to bring something personal and unique into swimwear. The design strikes women and teenage girls who have a high awareness for design, in which fashion does not end for them on the street, yet carries on with them to the beach and to the pool as well. 

The desire to bring excitement into swimwear is what drove me to use unique colorfulness, whether it be fierce colors or soft pastels. 

Alongside the femininity, quality and attention to details go without saying.

HELLOSUNSHINE's swimsuits are created with love and passion, offering softness, comfort and durability. Our wish is to make every woman feel even more beautiful and confident than usual.